The CUSU Election

It’s CUSU election time. You’ve heard the policies, but what are the candidates wearing?

CUSU elections street style

So unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably gathered that it’s CUSU election time again. I understand that some people have decided to base their vote on which candidate has the best policies…sure, that’s one option. But I thought that just as informative for the voting public would be a quick round up of who’s wearing what (it’s common knowledge that Michelle won Obama many a state with her effortless style). CUSU rules permit the candidates to use some of their designated quota of election points on creating t-shirts (it costs more points to have them professionally made and less if you make them yourself) so here for your general perusal is a selection of the candidates’ campaign attire…

Rahul Mansigani, running for President
Lovely, cheery and bright, he’s found a surprisingly flattering shade of yellow (no easy feat). Black and yellow is always a striking combination and the collar is a nice touch. Loses some points for the obvious transfer outlines.

Luke Hawksbee, running for Education Officer
Luke chose to save his points by not creating an election t-shirt but in the spirit of his campaign can currently be found sporting an ‘Education is not for sale’ t-shirt (ENS is described by Wikipedia no less, as ‘a radical left-wing student campaign’. If that’s your thing then vote for this guy.

Maria Helming, running for Education Officer
(Photo by Emma Hutton)
Massive brownie points for the professional finish and the fact that these t-shirts give you all the necessary information. The orange shade is undeniably eye-catching but with the black is a tad Halloween, and you’d have to be following on of her supporters around for a while to catch all of the info on the back.

Anna Goulding, running for Women’s Officer
The stencilled effect looks creative but professional while saving valuable points through being handmade. The venus symbol is both apt and cute but with no mention of CUSU there is the danger that people won’t immediately know what election she’s actually running in…

Sarah Peters-Harrison, running for Women’s Officer
Very professional looking and red is an eye catching colour. Love the individual photographic touches and the slogan inclusion but all of the information is in a very small space – not the easiest to read.

Andy McGowan, running for Access & Funding Officer
Red and white…strawberries and cream…England…Father Christmas…all good connotations in my book, and a very professionally printed shirt. McGowan is uncontested for this position-seems the quality of this t-shirt might have scared off the competition.

Amy Taylor, running for NUS Delegate
Not strictly a t-shirt, in fact it’s a t-shirt in no way whatsoever – but I like the logo: modelled as it is on the legendary ‘I heart NY’ emblem. Very cute, very enthusiastic, if you love NUS too it seems you’ve found a friend in Amy.

So there you have it – it’s only a selection as some candidates either didn’t produce t-shirts or chose not to send them in for this rigorous fashion review…but if you like what you see then vote Monday and Tuesday online and in your colleges on Wednesday.