Gavin’ A Laugh?: Top Toff Tries It On In Fake (F)email

Gavin Rice, ex-head of the Cambridge student Tory Party has been attacked after sending a hoax email to the Labour Women’s Officer – pretending to be a woman.

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The ex-head of the Cambridge student Tory Party has been attacked after sending a hoax email to the Labour Women’s Officer – pretending to be a woman.

Former Cambridge University Conservative Association (CUCA) Chairman Gavin Rice, a member of Queens’ College, sent the bizarre email after the Labour Club (CULC), held a social in Trinity Vaults.

“Dear Josephine,” the email began.

“As a socialist sister I find the chosen venue of the Vaults as our women’s social to be far too expensive and elitist.

“It should not be assumed that we can afford drinks at £6-8 a time, and Cambridge students indulging in extravagant cocktails is contrary to our principles of workers’ struggle.

“If we can afford expensive drinks in cocktail bars then we should be donating the money to charitable causes or the Labour Party.

“Yours sororally, G. A. Rice”

The email sent by Rice pretending to be a woman.

George Owers, CULC Chair, called the email “pathetic and underhand”.

He pointed out that the event was held at The Vaults to take advantage of the 2-for-1 cocktail deal, which makes drinks cheaper than £3.

“Rice’s criticism is ridiculous, particularly given that most CUCA events require Black or White Tie and their annual dinners usually cost nearly £50” he said.

“It shows CUCA resorting to gutter tactics because they are so sensitive to their own reputation for real, vicious elitism and snobbery.”

At CUCA’s three-course ‘Chairman’s Dinner’ on Monday night, tickets for which cost upwards of £41, guests were served a main course of grilled breast of barbary duck with fondant potatoes, wilted greens and a port wine sauce.

Sela Motshwane, a female member of CULC, said: “I’m not sure what point Mr Rice was trying to make, but he really is a sad and moronic individual to have to resort to the childish tactic of pretending to be a woman”.

When initially contacted by The Tab Rice refused to comment, but an hour before publication he changed his mind, accusing CULC of incompetence, and questioning Owers’ decision to send The Tab a photoshopped picture of him dressed as Little Britain transvestite Emily Howard.

CUCA Registrar Callum Wood added a touch of comedy to the proceedings: “my sleep is regularly invaded by dreams of a womanly buxom Gavin who I could take up the aisle.”

“His actions and CULC’s response have only exacerbated those night-time fantasies.”

The photoshopped image of Rice sent to The Tab by Owers.

Rice said: “Describing me as ‘sad’ and ‘moronic’ was unnecessary but this might just be a lack of comedic taste / competence.”

He continued: “I used my own name and email address so this clearly isn’t a serious hoax. Moreover, I was no longer Chairman of CUCA when the email was sent, so this really isn’t a clash of political societies.

“Perhaps if student politicians took themselves less seriously then fun exchanges like these need not reach the level of press scandal. I would point out that CUCA has never released a press statement attacking CULC.”

About the photoshopped picture sent to The Tab by CULC, Rice said: “I found the image of me as an 18th century lady produced by CULC to be hilarious, and I think I’ve taken it in far better humour than CULC seem to have taken my joke email.”

Addressing Rice’s claim that the email was meant as a joke, Owers told The Tab: “if that’s his idea of a joke, then he really is a sad individual who needs to get out more.”

CULC Women’s Officer Josephine Brady added: “If Mr Rice is having problems surrounding his gender identity, I suggest he seek support at this difficult time.

“If indeed he has converted to the socialist cause, I offer my comradely greetings, welcome his support and look forward to receiving his application to join the Labour Party”.

When approached, John Oxley, the new CUCA Chairman, was unavailable for comment.