London Fashion Week: Catwalk Reports

London Fashion Week is over. Here’s what the Tab thought.

catwalk designers fashion week runway TRENDS



Sass & Bide

Monochrome was the order of the day at Sass & Bide, with modern, clean silhouettes dramatised by the stark colour contrast. Interesting accessories included black leather gauntlets and a golden tusk-shaped clutch bag (which looked like it might have been randomly picked up by the models en route from a temple/museum before walking onto the runway). Simple black and white stripes recurred as an effective addition to a variety of pieces from billowing trousers to cocktail dresses. Geometric patterns added to the snappy feel, while an underlying tribal streak was evident from the shell embellishments, feathers and that clutch.

Vogue says: “On our shopping list? Those billowing trousers, the claw clutch and the shell-encrusted belts.”
The Tab says: “Not so sure about the claw, but those stripy trousers and sharp dresses certainly make our shopping list.”


Topshop Unique

Forest green and brown are supposed to be big this winter, and they were certainly present in Topshop Unique’s collection. It was unique… and not in a good way. In a woodland themed extravaganza, models walked down a leaf-covered runway clad in run-of-the-mill knitted creations, with no standout items. Though the show effectively conveyed an earthy, autumnal feeling, the bizarre incorporation of animal fancy dress perched on top of the models’ unpleasantly frizzy hair didn’t fill us with joy at the prospect of Autumn.

Vogue says: “It all made us want to pick up our compass and head into the great outdoors.”
The Tab says: “It all made us want to find some better fashion shows to watch.”


House of Holland

As expected, Henry Holland provided us with a fun, youthful collection of casual looks managing to update an unashamedly retro throwback. It’s sorority girl meets the Eighties, with a surprisingly summery feel for an A/W collection. The Henry Holland girl is sassy, rocking powder blue tights with a massive matching bow in her almost-ridiculous side ponytail. Will you? Expect to see at least a couple of items from this show flaunted by the celeb crowd very soon.

Vogue says: “A touch of his style…is worth a try – you might like it. And even if it isn’t for you, you can guarantee Pixie et al will. “
The Tab says: “It makes us want to prance around in the sunshine… we want Summer already!"



We loved the Mulberry show, which made us yearn for winter again…oh wait, it still is winter. Cosy coats were incomparably chic, abundant animal print somehow worked, and cocktail-esque ensembles made us dream of party season. According to the programme notes the collection is inspired by “Valley of the Dolls, naughty English royalty, Hollywood theatricals, and over-the-top animal prints.” Whatever, we just know it was fabulous.

Vogue says: “There’s plenty here for new and old members of the Mulberry fan club.”
The Tab says: “Who here doesn’t want to be that girl in purple walking the dog?”



The PPQ collection consisted solely of gold and black items. There were some entirely gold statement pieces (like a gold leather trench), and some slightly mundane entirely black pieces (officewear dresses), but the best pieces were those combining the two into an effortlessly glamorous ensemble. These gorgeous party dresses are not to be missed, as is the fabulous statement jewellery. Outerwear included sensible trenches and the occasional cape. We found the dangerous-looking shoes strangely alluring: perhaps they could double up as a weapon with which to kick your frenemy’s shins while in mid-conversation at a party?

Vogue says: “The look was simple but luxe”
The Tab says: “The PPQ logo-covered outfit looks like Fashion’s take on Harry Potter’s Quidditch uniform… but we still love it”


Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane produced a collection of dresses: all short, above the knee, themed with florals, black, lace and leather. Worn with black gladiator sandal boots, the contrast of feminine spring florals against black leather provided a completely novel style with an undoubtedly wintertime aura (which was missing from several shows). Embroidery was impressively intricate and together with the panelling created a slightly oriental feel. However, outfits were very similar and we can’t help feeling that it was all a bit too repetitive.

Vogue says: ““HENCEFORTH known as the embellished leather and lace collection, Christopher Kane played out his latest idea to its fullest potential”
The Tab says: “Seen one, seen them all”