Caius’ Food Farce

Caius students are trying to stop college forcing them to eat dodgy hall food almost every day.

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Caius’ students have been voting for the past week on planned changes to their formal hall set up.

At the moment Caius’ students have to fork out for 43 dinners at £6.40 each which adds up to a whopping £275.20 a term.

Gonville and Caius’ Student Union (GCSU) carried out a survey last term which suggested that only 30% of Caius’ students used all of their tickets and in Lent term last year the number was as low as 23%.

1% of students used none of their tickets.

This level of waste and the fact that the college now plans to establish a booking system spurred the GCSU into action.

They have proposed to the college authorities that students should have to pay a kitchen fixed charge of £146 (like other colleges) as well as 30 formal dinners.

Pranav Khamar GCSU food officer said: “We believe the proposed changes will give Caius students a lot more choice.

We believe no one will be made worse-off by our system and our survey shows most students will also save a fair bit of money each term.”

If the plans go ahead then the 70% of students who don’t use all of their formal tickets will save £40 a term and the students that do will also save money as extra tickets will cost £3 rather than the current price of £6.40.

The college have told GCSU that the proposal seems feasible and will consider putting it in place if they are convinced that it has considerable student support.

Pranav estimates that 60% of the undergrads at Caius’ have now voted but they are keeping the polls open until tomorrow in the hope that they will meet their 80% target.

Caius is known for its relaxed attitude to drinking at formal, but its food has traditionally been considered the worst value for money in Cambridge. One disgusted drinking society swapper commented “I can’t believe they have to eat that food all the time, it’s rank!”

The Tab will keep you up to date with the results, which are expected tomorrow.