Tab Team Style

We take a look at the style of members of the Tab team, brave souls.

Phoebe street style Tab team style Taymoor

Our very own Director Taymoor, and Associate Editor Phoebe, kindly agreed (read: were coerced) to have their picture taken, as here at Tab fashion we just loved what they were wearing. Despite their completely contrasting styles they look simiarly fabulous, and provide plenty of style inspiration for life in Cambridge whatever your fashion tribe.

Taymoor gets fashion snaps for his studied, totally prepped up co-ordinated scarf (Ralph Lauren) and chinos combo: it’s the uniform of the well turned out rah, but who doesn’t love a man in a shirt and blazer? A classic combo, but he puts his own stamp on the style by bravely co-ordinating in lemon yellow, keeping things modish not mundane.

We heart Phoebe’s outfit for being so on trend with her clashing prints (see below), but also oh-so-cleverly matching her shoes to her bow headband. Also known to sport the much-loved Barbour, this girl's look is cute, confident, and she looks the biz in it, especially with that fabulous fringe.

Watch this space as more Tab team members bravely take the fashion stage: we’ll be snapping you in the street too, so get keen and dress up. You know you want to.