A Fresher from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, has been sent down for FAKING his grades on his UCAS form.

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A Fresher from Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, has been sent down for FAKING his grades on his UCAS form.

The student, as yet unnamed, won a place at Oxford claiming to have achieved at least 10 As at A-Level and forged documents to "prove" it. 

It wasn't until another college, Magdalen, noticed some discrepancies in his academic records that LMH investigated his references. 

The college contacted Janet Jamieson the deputy headmistress at his school Langley Grammar and she confirmed that his records were fabricated.

In a statement earlier this week Ms. Jamieson said, "He certainly did not achieve these A-Level grades nor did he achieve the GCSEs that he claimed from his previous school."

The student also faked a reference from a teacher at Langley Grammar who had left the school several years before.

This matter has raised serious questions about Lady Margaret Hall's admissions process.

Ms. Jamieson said, "The college should have checked it out from the start. It would have been impossible to get 13 A-Levels and this should have gained attention."

Rory Tierney, a third year PPE student said, "It's pretty remarkable that he got through the whole admissions process without anyone checking the facts."

The student got away with submitting fake documents by applying to university through UCAS as an independent candidate so his school did not have to verify any part of his application. 

Ms. Jamieson described the boy as "an enterprising young man, and very ambitious but he did not always fulfill his potential."

He was originally told not to apply to university as his grades were too poor.

This revelation has caused much controversy amongst the student body.

Some students feel he should have been busted sooner as he was always struggling with work.

One first year LMH student said, "With 13 A-levels we thought he'd be dealing a bit better with the workload."

Other students think the whole thing is "hilarious" but also unfair on the honest application whose place he stole.

One Oxford student commented,"Not surprised he got kicked out: Economics and Management at LMH? He was well over qualified."