How to… Wear Heels During the Day

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daytime heels how to

Brogues and flats are cute, practical, and can be very stylish: but no one can deny that they don’t notice “that girl” walking down King’s Parade in the middle of afternoon in those bitchin’ heels.

There’s something about how heels manage to turn the most innocent of walks into a confident strut- guaranteed you’ve had enough practice that is! I’ve always loved their ability to instantaneously shed those last couple of pounds, and give us short-arses those few precious inches to help put us on the same level with that 5’10” leggy friend we all seem to have.

Let’s face it though, the Cambridge lifestyle wasn’t exactly designed for stilettos with every street seeming to become more cobbled each day and that constant need to jump on your bike to make up those extra few minutes of sleep you stole. Those girls that manage it, (especially in stilettos), deserve all the credit you can get! I seem to have tried and failed many a time to wear my single pair of 4” stilettos that made the journey this year to Cambridge. That pair may be gathering dust, but I refuse to give up and I really do think that it’s worth the pain! Perhaps, it’s time to be a tad more realistic and invest in some chunkier and more practical heels?! Here are some of my favourite; feel inspired!