Fair Game

We’ve all been there, drinking way more vodka than we can handle because the cards told us we had to. So for prelash or post-formal, here’s a few of the best drinking games.

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Love them or hate them chances are the college staple, the drinking game, has entered your life in one form or another. Now of course The Tab doesn’t want to advertise binge drinking, but just y’know for curiosity- here’s a few of the best:

· Ring of Fire – The Ultimate.

The Rules: Make a ring of cards around a pan/bucket/really big glass. This, as they say, is your ring. Assign each card an action, eg Queen all girls drink, King all boys, ten is Thumbmaster- these can be anything and everything you want. Use your imagination but write the list down. Many a friendship has been ruined by badly defined Ring Of Fire rules.

Schoolboy Error: Forgetting to assign a card 1) to pour something into the pan or 2) to drink the contents of said pan.

Difficulty Rating: Monkey say monkey do.

· Beer Pong – The Frat Party One.

The Rules: Set up a collection of 10 cups at each end of a table (that’s 20 cups in total ok?). Fill said cups with alcoholic beverage of  choice. Split into two-player teams. Team A must throw a ping-pong ball aiming for a cup belonging to Team B. If the ball lands in the cup, that cup is eliminated and members of Team B must down it’s contents. It is now Team B’s turn to throw the ball; same rules apply. Continue until collapse.

Schoolboy Error: Not practising your aim beforehand. It’s a lot harder than it looks. Also don’t play against jocks. You will die.

Difficulty Rating: Setting up is easy enough; actually hitting a damn cup however, proves quite difficult.

· The A and B game – The Dark Horse.

The Rules: Put your hands over the eyes of the person to your left. They say an ‘action’ for A and B to do eg A has to lick B’s nipple. You point out ‘A’ and ‘B’ without them knowing who is it. N.B. the person making the action could be either ‘A’ or ‘B’. This is the beauty of the game (and stops it getting too extreme).

Schoolboy Error: Making up the most horrifically embarrassing action known to man. And you’re A.

Difficulty Rating: Depends on how much shame you have. Theoretically it’s quite simple.

· Up the Shitter  – The Risktaker.

The Rules: Ask your friend B a question. Make it embarrassing. ‘Do you take it up the shitter?’ gave the game it’s delightful name. B must not react. B must simply turn to C and ask C a similarly humiliating question. Then C must ask D etc. HOWEVER if you react in any way, you must drink and then answer the question honestly. And don’t scrimp on the details.

Schoolboy Error: Beware who you play with. Friendships are at stake if any players blush easily.

Difficulty Rating: Surprisingly hard to keep a straight face.

· Bunnies – The Childhood Regression.

The Rules: Put your hands up to form ‘bunny ears’. The person on either side of you puts up a single ‘ear’ on the side closest to you. You point to another person in the circle. The person you point to must then put up two ‘bunny ears’ and the people either side of him do single ears again. You are now free to put your bunny ears down. Continue at speed.

Schoolboy Error: Not doing jazz fingers on the bunny ears. It’s much more fun that way.

Difficulty Rating: When sober requires co-ordination. When drunk, you’re fucked.

· I Have Never… – The Classic.

The Rules: Oh come on, you all know them, surely. Person says ‘ I have never…(Insert act here. Let’s have ‘had sex in a public toilet’ as our example)’. If you have done said act, you drink. Person next in the circle says another ‘I have never…’

Schoolboy Error: Beware what you admit to. Also if the group includes someone a) you’ve slept with or b) who has known you for a really long time and iknows all embarrassing stories of you since age six,  then things get messy. And awkward. But mostly messy.

Difficulty Rating: Non-existent. Yes or no answer, a toddler could do it. Might want to give him squash though. Sugar high!

· Spoons – The Dangerous One.

The Rules: Set spoons in a row in the centre of the table, one less spoon than there is players. Split a pack of cards between players. One person is in charge. When they shout ‘GO!’, pass one card to your left. Keep passing cards on in this manner until you have a set of 4 matching cards (it happens quicker than you’d think). Once you have a matching set, grab a spoon. As soon as one spoon is removed, everyone must rush to get one. He who is left without a spoon must drink. Too easy? Allow any one person to grab any number of spoons. Everyone without a spoon must drink. Same game, more drinkers.

Schoolboy Error: Over-keenness re the grabbing of the spoon. Bodily injury has resulted many a time.

Difficulty Rating: Way low. It’s just about speed.

· Centurion – The Stupid One.

The Rules: It’s a challenge. One hundred shots of beer in as many minutes. Drink a shot of beer every minute. Get someone to keep time. Continue until you vomit/pass out. Probably vomit.

Schoolboy Error: Playing this for man points. Last game I watched a hot blonde managed to do it while the boys wandered round covered in vomit wondering what had happened to their balls. Ouch.

Difficulty Rating: As drinking games go, this adds relatively little extra challenge to that of just drinking.

So there we go. The games that have carried generations of students through college, leading to thousands of bad decisions, embarrassing moments and nakedness. Pick your poison- but remember: always play fair.