Porter in vodka vandalism frenzy

A Trinity Hall house porter has kept his job after pleading guilty in court over charges of criminal damage.

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A Tit Hall house porter has kept his job having appeared in court on criminal damage charges.

The soon-to-be father also avoided a prison stint after pleading guilty in court. 
Piotr Glodek, broke into a house in the early hours of May 17 and caused a trail of destruction, racking up a bill of £8,956 in damages.
Fuelled on enough vodka to wipe his memory of the event completely, Glodek forced open an upstairs window and ran amok inside whilst the owners were away on holiday.
The court heard that the ensuing destruction included four smashed windows, the shards of which damaged a car, broken artefacts, and blood-spattered curtains and Persian rugs.
Glodek had been boozing to celebrate his birthday and broke into the property on Milton Road at 5.20 am.
Mitigating lawyer, Georgina Gibbs, claimed: “He rarely goes out. He rarely drinks. For his birthday, he drank a huge amount, vodka in particular.”
Judge Gareth Hawkesworth handed out a nine-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, taking into account that Glokek’s wife is nine weeks pregnant. In addition Hawkesworth ordered him to pay £270 in costs.
Professor Martin Daunton, Master at Trinity Hall, told The Tab, “Piotr Glodek is employed as a house porter by Trinity Hall." He refused to comment further.
A third-year Tit Hall student, who wished to remain anonymous, criticised the College over its actions: “It’s ridiculous. The College should have its students’ welfare as its top priority. I don’t think having criminals in such close proximity is compliant with that.” 
She added: “What’s to stop this guy doing it again to our property?”