Shoe-Thrower Innocent

The Cambridge student who threw a shoe at the Chinese PM has been found innocent…

The Cambridge student who was arrested for throwing a shoe at the Chinese PM has been found INNOCENT.

Martin Jahnke, who studies Pathology at Darwin shouted that Cambridge was “prostituting itself” before chucking his shoe at Wen Jiabao.

According to his defence, Jahnke deliberately missed the PM by several metres.

The Darwinian explained that he expected many other protestors and brought a whistle to join in.

The 27 year old, who enjoys sitting in caves in his spare time, was so upset afterwards that he went into hiding for a week. Chinese officials described the whistle blowing as a "despicable" act.

The trial had proven as controversial as Mr. Jahnke’s behviour itself. It had to be moved to avoid an embarrassing clash with the 20th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre.

And the Chinese authorities were accused of putting pressure on the Crown Prosecution Service.

The prosecution argued that the protest was a dangerous "act of aggression" that could have caused severe injuries. They argued the Chinese students watching suffered "harassment, alarm and distress.”

The case for the prosecution was severely weakened by the FAILURE of Chinese officials to give evidence in the trial.

And after the ugly scenes at the Olympic torch parade in 2008, any decision which supported the Chinese authorities over a pro-human rights protestor would have proven unpopular.

Many students have come out in support of Jahnke. One Amnesty International member commented that "it’s a pity no one has considered the harassment, alarm and distress that Mr. Jiabao’s government causes on a daily basis."

The court ruled that there was insufficient evidence and found Jahnke not guilty.

Footage of the incident has proved a smash hit on the internet. One clip on YouTube has over a million hits.

According to Jahnke’s lawyer, the shoe is sadly still missing.