Clubbers of the Week: Week Seven

How are deadlines going?

Eight of the most Instagrammable spots around Brookes

Because aesthetics, right?

We asked The Deli on Cowley Road what they really think about Brookes students

If you’ve ever been to Fishies, you’ve defo been here

BREAKING: All written exams will now be taking place at the King’s Centre

The change will take place from May this year

Clubbers of the Week: Week Six

Procrastinate a little, you know you want to

Here are the best dressed from this year’s King of the Ring

Try to get with them and you’ll be punching

Get yourself one now, being in a relationship at uni is so much better

Winter is cold and heating expensive

Here’s why sorting out your student house is the worst thing you’ll ever do as a Brookes student

£600 a month for a shithole, perfect

Fishies closed early last night because of burst water pipes

Refunds will be given from 3pm today

Meet the students fighting in this year’s King of the Ring

“The fight will be the bloodiest of the night”

Clubbers of the Week: Week Five

You guys are so so juicy

Every reason why you shouldn’t visit home too often while at uni

It’s lame, do your own washing

Brookes’ Fittest Clubbers of the Month: February

You so damn sexy

Every embarrassing thing Brookes freshers still do and need to stop doing immediately

You’re still a bunch of actual idiots

We don’t really know why, but the SU might be changing it’s name to ‘Hoi Polloi Students’ Union’

No joke, there is an open meeting about it on the eighth of March and anyone can vote

Clubbers of the Week: Week Four

It’s fucking snowing again

The 12 things you must tick off your Brookes bucket list before you graduate

Complete these asap or you’ll regret it

Clubbers of the Week: Week Three

The effort was poor this week so be ashamed

Here are the best dressed from this year’s Gin Games

Free gin and gorgeous people? Yes please.