We asked Brookes students which songs motivate them throughout the semester

And you didn’t disappoint!

Most of the time, motivating yourself to do uni work is way too difficult. The thought of sitting down to write that 2,000 word essay and having to do all the research for it, is quite honestly soul destroying. So sometimes, you have to turn to music to give you a source of inspiration.

It might be a song that drags you out of your hungover slump and forces you to walk to campus for your 9 am lecture post-Fishies. Or perhaps it’s the song that gets your fingers typing at lightning speed for the essay you tried so hard not to procrastinate, that’s now due in an hour. It might be a weird choice of song, but if it works, it works.

We asked you to tell us exactly which songs motivate you, and there were some questionable responses.

Face Off

Undoubtedly, the most popular suggestion was Face Off. After the success of this song in the past year, it’s not surprising that everyone and their dog mentioned it. I would say it’s the modern-day X Gon’ Give It To Ya.

It has the same aggressive vibe that hypes you up to get shit done. This song combined with the gym works. But this song and tackling the mundane 3,000 words of your least favourite module – not so much. 

Feel Good Inc.

Feel Good Inc. was a standout suggestion. Its undeniably consistent bass riff carries the song. The song creates an active, positive atmosphere.

But, I feel if I were to listen to it whilst studying, I’d probably get distracted by trying to master the lyrics or a constantly tapping my toes.

Eye of the Tiger

Perhaps the most classic suggestion on this list is Eye Of The Tiger. It is literally the pinnacle of motivational songs. Whether it’s your go-to because of a childhood obsession with Just Dance or if you’re a die-hard Rocky fan, this song never fails to motivate people and get everyone achieving in seconds. 

I’d Rather Be Dead

I hope this one was banter and not a cause for concern because I did laugh when I read this. I’m not sure what to say about this suggestion other than, yes, we’re all with you. Big mood.


This song is definitely comes from someone with a questionable taste for studying or writing essays in a panicked state. I can’t help but think this is giving Mario cart last lap to win vibes.

But if it works for you and you can hear yourself think whilst it’s playing then, I’m proud, and you should be too.

Under Pressure

I may be biased on this one because of an unduly obsession with the film Bohemian Rhapsody, but this suggestion encompasses panic and motivation with the coolest of bass lines and immaculate vocals. If you use this song as your ‘I’ve got an hour until my deadline’ then you completely understood the assignment.

Have more songs to add to the playlist? DM us on our Instagram @tabbrookes to have your song added to the list! 

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