Brookes is offering free snake bites at Sports Bar to make up for the lecturer strikes

They want to make up for the lectures that students have missed

Oxford Brookes University has announced today that you can get free snake bites at the Sports Bar on Headington Campus today to make up for the lectures that students have missed due to the strikes.

Brookes clearly know their students as snake bites are a firm favourite for Brookes students, so we have no doubt that you’ll lap up this peace offering. Snake bites may not necessarily make up for all of those hours of teaching you may have lost due to lecturer strikes, but they will help you quite literally forget that the strikes even happened.

This news comes after the university confirmed in an email on 21st March that more striking action would take place this week, with hundreds of Brookes students affected. The strikes have also happened in week 10, only two teaching weeks before the majority of assignment deadlines.

The university has said that it knows that free snake bites cannot make up for the amount of teaching that some students have missed, but it hopes the students will take some free drinks as compensation.

The Brookes Tab spoke to one sociology lecturer, Jennifer Clarkson, who said: “The lecturers and I are truly sorry to the students that we have affected in the strikes, but I completely support the university’s decision to give students free snake bites. They really deserve a treat!”

The Brookes Tab spoke to one third year student, Elijah Benningsford, who said: “This makes it all worth it now! If the lecturers could do some more strikes, maybe we could get a whole free night out soon.”

Free snake bites will start at the Sports Bar at 12pm today, so make sure you go down there early to beat the queues and start pre-ing for Fight Night!

Send us photos of your snake bites by DM on our Instagram for a chance to feature!

Before you head to Sports Bar, you should probably check the date!

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