Come and write for the Brookes Tab!

No experience needed!

Want to meet new people, write for a national news site and be the first to find out gossip at Brookes? Join The Brookes Tab this Friday!

The Brookes Tab is a news site, written by Brookes students for Brookes students! It is part of The Tab, a UK news site that publishes news and features, with a focus on pop culture and things that university students should care about.

The Brookes Tab works with an Assistant Editor who is based in London, and helps to edit and make our articles the best they can be!

Some of our fun articles include this article about what it’s like to be a third year at Brookes, or this article where we interviewed TikTok star Hari Beavis.

Joining The Brookes Tab is a great way to make new friends, try something new, and begin a career in writing, journalism or media. If you think you’d love to write about things that affect at Brookes students, but you also love to write about things like the best food places in Oxford, The Brookes Tab is for you!

We will be meeting this Friday 25th March at 3pm, in the Student Union Bar on Headington Campus. There will be free Tab t-shirts at the meeting for you to take home – they’re perfect for your PJs collection! It’s free to become a writer, and is a great way to meet people if sports socials are not your thing!

We’d love to meet you and get you writing for us, so come along on Friday at 3pm to find out more – no experience is needed!