If you can relate to these things, you’re definitely a third year Brookes student

Take me back to first year please!

You’ve come a long way since your first year at Brookes. You went clubbing almost every night of the week yet somehow managed to make it to your 9am lecture. You’ve VK’d your way into your overdraft and worked the whole Christmas holidays and summer to get out of it too many times now. You’ve tried every sandwich at the sports bar and could probably walk into the kitchen and make every single one with your eyes shut.

Basically, as a third year, you’re that much of a Brookes connoisseur that you find yourself giving advice to freshers in club toilets at literally any opportunity because you wish you’d “had someone to tell me that.” You’ve been there, and you’ve done that, and learned the hard way several times. So, you can probably relate to all of these things!

People are shocked you’re in third year

This might only be me but the amount of people that have asked if I am a fresher this year is getting a bit embarrassing now. I am short and I do have a baby face but come on. Their next question is ‘omg really?’ Yes, and I am very sad about it.

The only night out you can hack is Fishies and the rest are a write off

There will also be a special place in your heart for Fishies and you will drink too many VKs and probably rip your costume, and wake up the following morning wondering how the hell you used to manage clubbing at least three nights a week.

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The thought of Gogglebox on a Friday night is actually more appealing than Go Eskimo

You once lived for some DNB at Go Eskimo at Bridge on a Friday and would never miss it, but after Wednesday, a night in with a Dominos and Gogglebox is exactly what you’re after (sorry The Ox Events).

Thursday night karaoke at City Arms is the place to be

The only time you ever used to even consider doing karaoke was at some shit New Year’s Eve party your parents made you go to, or on the all-inclusive holiday to Majorca when you’d had one too many vodka cokes. Now, Thursday night karaoke with Dave the karaoke man is the best hangover cure.

You’re determined to try every restaurant and cafe in Oxford 

You’ve realised you’ve only had takeaways from Dominos and Nandos the whole time you’ve been here, so now it’s your mission to try out every restaurant at the top of Westgate and on Cowley Road before you leave Oxford

“No Georgia I’m not going to Nando’s because you want to have your red reward. We need to expand our culinary experience by going to the Rusty Bicycle.”

You’ve become that lazy that you won’t get the U1 or U5 and just pay the £1.20 for a regular bus

£1.20 in first year would get you a VK at ATIK on Mondays but now you cba to wait for a U5 on Cowley Road because it just never seems to turn up and you’re a responsible adult now x

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You have to turn down clubbing to work on your diss 

The reality of third year has really set in and your diss supervisor has told you you need to read 30 sources before your next meeting for your literature review. It’s really got to the point where not even four shots of tequila can make you forget that look on your supervisor’s face when you told her you “hadn’t had the chance to read that yet”.

It’s not longer acceptable to call Daddy and ask him to pay for the ski trip to Val D’Isere this year

Why is it never “yes we love you, we want you to have these experiences” and always “get yourself a job and pay for it yourself”?

You’ve started taking packed lunches to uni with you 

No Covid restrictions over summer meant it was time to live your best life but it did severe damage to your bank account. Paninis from the cafe in Clerici and sausage rolls from the Forum are no longer on the cards!

You’re just waiting for Tesco Metro to be back open

Tesco Metro has been closed for too long now and you’re sick of having to get the bus to Aldi or trying to find someone to take you to Big Tesco. This probably applies to second years too but Tesco Metro, we miss you, please come back.

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