The Ox Events is going to to be releasing ‘scrunchies’ to help stop spiking of drinks

They’re being released with the hope of giving students ‘a peace of mind’

The Ox Events posted on Instagram yesterday to announce that it will be releasing scrunchies to help stop the spiking of drinks at its clubbing events.

In its Instagram post, The Ox Events said: “After 18 months of being out of club nights, we can’t believe we are here writing a negative message when it should be all positive and people being excited”.

It further said that “now it is important that we stick together and raise more awareness on some serious pressing issues of drink spiking” and that “everyone’s safety” is their “priority”.

It said it has “ordered scrunchies” that can be used both “as a scrunchie but also as a safety precaution” to give students “a peace of mind” and “some reassurance”.

It also said that student IDs will be required for events and there will be “more plans moving forward”.

Feature image credit to Antoine J. on Unsplash.

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