Oxford is officially in Tier 2, here’s what it means for students

Pubs are re-opening, but you can only get alcohol with a meal

It has been announced today that Oxford is going into Tier 2 after the national lockdown ends on 2 December.

Alongside most of the South East, Oxford and the rest of Oxfordshire is in the Tier 2 ‘high’ category. It’s less strict than Tier 3 but you can’t socialise indoors with anyone outside of your household or support bubble. The rule of six still applies outdoors.

University, like schools and colleges, remains open.

oxford tier 2

Restaurants will reopen with table service, with bars and pubs closed unless they operate as restaurants, serving alcohol only with substantial meals. Those that will reopen will have a closing time of 11pm, an hour extra to pre-lockdown rules.

Restaurants and other hospitality businesses can serve past 10pm, through delivery services, click and collect, or drive-through.

There’s early closure of 11pm for theatres, museums, cinemas, bowling alleys etc. Cinemas, concert halls, and theatres can stay open past 11pm to conclude performances that have started before 10pm.

Organised indoor sport, physical activity and exercise classes will only be allowed if it’s possible for people to avoid mixing with others outside their household. Outdoor sport will continue.

Travel is allowed to venues and amenities which are open but you should limit the journeys if possible. However, you should avoid travelling to Tier 3 areas unless it’s necessary and must follow the Tier 2 rules if you travel to Tier 1 areas.

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