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Asymptomatic testing is now available for Brookes students

Tests are also available for students who have had Covid-19

Oxford Brookes has said asymptomatic testing is now available for students, for free.

In an email sent to students today, they said: “We are pleased to confirm that our booking system for end of semester Covid testing is now open to Oxford Brookes students.  Please take advantage and book your Covid tests now.  Tests are only available to students who do not have Covid-19 symptoms (‘Asymptomatic Testing’). They are also available to students who have previously had Covid-19.”

The email went on to say: “Tests are simple, fast and free of charge. They are voluntary but we strongly encourage all students who wish to return home safely to take them – it will help to stop the spread of the virus and protect your family and friends. You can also take tests if you are planning to stay in Oxford over the festive period, or if you commute to the University each day.”

The email goes on to describe the process of the asymptomatic testing, saying that students should book two tests, three days apart, with the last test being close to when they plan to travel home for Christmas. If the test is negative, students should attend their second appointment. If it is positive, they should book an NHS PCR test, which is the normal test you can get when you have symptoms, and to self-isolate.

The email further explained: “If your second test is negative – you should travel home as soon as possible and avoid unnecessary socialising. Remember that you should not return to your permanent, home address before 3 December as the UK remains under national lockdown restrictions.”

The university further said: “Please visit our booking page to select your test dates. Tests are available over the next few weeks at our Headington, Wheatley, Harcourt Hill and Swindon Campuses. We strongly encourage you to book two tests, three days apart, with the second test taking place just before you plan to travel home.  You will need to allow time for your second test result to come through before you leave (tests will be rapidly processed on site; you may receive your results in as little as an hour, however it could take longer). If it is not possible to take two tests, please book at least one test.”

They also reminded students: “Please remember to bring your mobile phone and student ID with you to the tests, for registration and results purposes. Please also remember to bring your face covering.”

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