Brookes Vice-Chancellor says Brookes students ‘could be expelled’ for gatherings

He called gatherings ‘unacceptable’

Oxford Brookes students could be expelled for social gatherings.

The BBC have reported today that according to Oxford Brookes’ Vice-Chancellor Prof Alistair Fitt, students “could be suspended or expelled in the most serious cases” if they are caught breaking Covid-19 laws.

Big yikes to put it briefly!

This comes after reports of large gatherings at student accommodation, which the Vice-Chancellor called “unacceptable”. Prof Fitt said the university would be taking “firm action” against those who break the coronavirus regulations, especially after there were reports of a “small but growing number of confirmed cases” on Wednesday.

Last week, an “outbreak” developed in private accommodation off Headington campus. Prof Fitt called the rise in cases of coronavirus amongst Brookes students “extremely disappointing”.

I’m looking at you, Cowley, I’m looking at you.

In the BBC report, Prof Fitt said: “Where we deem students to have contravened our conduct regulations, we will take appropriate, robust action, which may include suspension or, in the most serious cases, expulsion.”

He also said the university have “communicated extensively with students to ensure that they understand their responsibilities.”

The report also confirmed that Brookes is working with Thames Valley police to stop other gatherings by “putting measures in place”.

Oxford is also now on amber alert again, as the number of cases in the city is at “25.6 per 100,000 of the population”.

An amber alert happens when cases rise above 25 per 100,000 of the population.

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