Meet the members of The Ox Events who are raising £1000 for the NHS

They’re nearly halfway to their target already

Self-isolation is slowly driving everyone insane, and let’s be honest you’re definitely sat at home either playing Sims 4, refreshing TikTok or watching The Suite Life of Zack & Cody on Disney+. Whereas a few members of The Ox Events have taken it upon themselves to raise money for the charity: NHS Charities Together.

Fred Goodall, Sam Zappi, Christian Samuels, Josh Coppard, Fred Madwick and Jordan Wentzel have taken it upon themselves to create the Instagram page @selfisolationshave. The aim is to raise £1000 for the NHS frontline during this difficult and demanding time.

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Working From Home. #IsolationShave #ShaveTheNHS #NHS

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If you’ve got some free time, which we know you all do, why not grow an ‘out there’ facial hair and/or hair cut for the duration that we are under quarantine and document the progress.

The Brookes Tab spoke to the admins of @selfisolationshave to find out their inspiration behind making the page and what they think makes the perfect tash.

What made you start the Instagram page @selfisolationshave? 

“Without realising we were all just growing facial hair and working from home fancying a “norti” haircut sending photos of who had what into a WhatsApp group.

“Then from a group of five boys who wake up at 5am and go to bed at 2am most days all being self employed we are used to busy days but suddenly with events being cancelled and very little to do we had to keep busy and thought well let’s try and help give back to the NHS for all their amazing work.

“We can help by isolating but raising awareness and having some fun with facial hair or haircuts at the same time.”

What do you think makes a great tash? 

“Something that turns heads, an angry look from your girlfriend, something that’s a bit more striking and “norti”.”

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Another Tash #ShaveTheNHS #IsolationTash #Quarantash

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Besides this Instagram account, what else are you doing during this self-isolation period? 

“We are all in isolation and working from home, getting sent memes on every group chat but more importantly keeping positive and ready for the next chapter so in a planning stage.

“Few of the other boys have time to focus on there online companies such as personalised protein.”

Any words of wisdom for people in self-isolation? 

“Please just stay home and isolate it’s very tough but be sensible and strong. The quicker we listen to what we are told to do the quicker we will be back out there.”

Followers of the page are encouraged to DM submissions of any facial hair or hair cut that they are growing for the duration that we are under quarantine. You can do so following the link to the Instagram page here.

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