Brookes has suspended all future sports events and closed all sports facilities

The sports events which have been suspended include the Varsity match and Sports Awards Dinner

Oxford Brookes has made the decision to close all sports facilities and suspend all future sports activities and events until further notice.

The sports events which have been suspended until further notice include the Varsity event versus the University of Reading which was meant to commence on 28th March and the Sports Awards Dinner which was expected to be on 24th April.

Both been suspended due to the current concerns surrounding Covid-19 and large, public gatherings. Yesterday it was announced that Brookes will be suspending all lectures from today (17th March) until after Easter holidays where lectures will be accessible online.

The email which was sent out to students registered at Brookes University Centre for Sport today stated that this decision was not taken “lightly but the safety and wellbeing of centre users, students and staff is of the utmost importance to us.”

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