Brookes lecturers self isolating after being tested for coronavirus

The campus is undergoing a deep clean

Two members of staff that work at the Oxford Brookes healthcare campus on Marston road are self-quarantining after being tested for coronavirus.  The results of the tests are yet to come through.

The university have sent an email to all students who attend that campus making them aware of the information and insist that the risk to students remains low, due to the lecturers being in self quarantine for the time being.

These members of staff have both been on overseas trips within the past month, something which Brookes has advised students against doing.

Those who are taught by the potentially infected lecturers will be taught by temporary replacements and the campus remains open as usual however, it will be undergoing a deep clean shortly. All other campuses also remain open.

The email sent by the university to inform healthcare students taught on this campus acknowledges the potential anxiety this news may cause and as a result have attached contact information for the well being department to close off the email.