Respect the drip, Karen: Your Best Dressed at Gentlemen’s Fight Night

If these guys punched me in the face I’d thank them

The fighters were the ones throwing punches but these guys are the knockouts. It was a tough call but here are your best dressed at Gentlemen’s Fight Night 2020.

Lucia Montgomery and Sophie Murray, second year, Real Estate and Criminology

Emma Bruce and Harriet Hobbs, third year, Real Estate and Law

Tilly Butcher and Freddie Pownall, second year, Digital Media Production

Ed Krivinskas, George Shepherd and Alex Bavage, third year and masters, Real Estate, Engineering and Business and Sport

Angus Edwards, third year, International Relations

Billet Muronzi, third year, Nursing

Drew McCormick, third year, Law

Theo Hall, third year, Business and Management

Fred and Zappi, The Ox Events

Jessica Guy, third year, International Business

Me, masters, Marketing and Brand Management