Fan-tache-tic: These are the best moustaches from Movember

Students have raised over a million pounds for the charity

November has come to a close, and the buzz of electric razors can be heard up and down the country.

Students have collectively raised £1,075,040 throughout the month, and we’ve pulled together the best of the best for your viewing pleasure.

You can still donate to Movember if you haven’t already, so if you feel inspired by the monstrosities below, head on over to their website.

Daniel Grimster, second year, Economics and Finance, Sussex Uni

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Joe, third year, Ancient History, Exeter Uni

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A fine twizzler

Exeter Uni have raised an incredible £84,368 for Movember this year, taking an impressive lead and beating their funds from last year by nearly £50,000.

Waleed, Nick and Josh, second year, Law, Exeter Uni

Herb, first year, Physics, Exeter Uni

Zoe Mallet, Sports Science, Nottingham Trent

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Zoe chose to draw a moustache on every day in November to raise money for the Movember cause, as she grew up in a male dominated family and has helped her male friends through tough times in the past. Her ‘tache artistry is impressive and has raise £371 for the cause.

Oxford Brookes Lacrosse Club

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OBULC raised over £5,700 altogether.

Theo Hall, fourth year, Business and Management, Oxford Brookes

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Pink to make the girls wink

Calum Batho, Glasgow Uni

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I’m a snaaaaake

Ned, second year, St Andrews

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If you can’t grow one, shave it into the side of your head, obviously

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