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Jamie Laing was on Headington campus this week

Did we all walk around with our eyes closed this week?

Everyone's favourite Made in Chelsea star Jamie Laing was roaming about Brookes' Headington campus on Monday evening.

The reason for his appearance was to give a talk to Brookes students in the Union Hall for the Thrive Festival which was organised by Brookes Enterprise Support. It's the reason all those tables have been clunking up the forum in JHB all week.

The Thrive Festival is all about hearing from "an awesome panel of people who have made their dreams a reality" and in case you didn't know, Jamie now actually has his own sweet company, Candy Kittens. Amazing where being the millionaire heir of McVities can get you.

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The now 31-year-old (Sorry WHAT?) set up his vegan and vegetarian sweet business, and the sweets are now carried by the campus shop. If you missed Jamie Laing on campus, you can get your own little bit of him in sweet form.