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Brookes Union have introduced additional services for the U5

There are additional AM and PM services

Brookes Union's Daisy and Maxwell have been working with Brookes Transport to introduce additional services for the U5.

Students have been having issues with the current U5 bus service, including buses being late and overcrowded.

The U5 is a service which travels to, Oxford City Centre and Marston via Cowley Road and Headington

In the Brookes Union newsletter, they stated: "You told us that buses were often late and overcrowded.

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"Daisy and Maxwell have been working with Brookes Transport on some of the issues students have been having around the U5 service.

"As a result, additional services have been introduced during the AM and PM peak hours. That's an extra 300 seats per peak."

The new times for AM peak are: 07:10am, 07:58am and 08:48am. The new times for PM peak are: 15:03pm, 15:53pm and 16:43pm.