Brookes Medical Centre have cancelled their drop-in service

It’s been replaced by an online system

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The drop in service at Brookes Medical Centre has been replaced by an online eConsult system.

The Medical Centre used to offer a service where you could drop in to the clinic from 8am to 12pm on weekdays.

You didn’t need an appointment, just some spare time to sit in the waiting room. Perfect if booking an appointment over the phone is still something your mum does for you.

There is now a new eConsult system, a form you submit online outlining your symptoms of any non-emergency condition and a GP will get back to you within one working day. They will either give you advice by phone or email, or invite you in for an appointment if they feel you need one. You can also use the system as a symptom checker, no more WebMD for you.

Quite handy if you ask me.

There is also an app called Patient Access which you can download to book appointments and view your medical history. It’s great for people who are nervous about calling to book or would like to see all the available appointment slots.

Times have changed, my friend, but fear not, you can use a brand spanking new online service instead.