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You can watch a Quidditch Championship at Brookes this weekend

Something more magical than not waking up with a hangover is coming to Brookes

Anyone else still annoyed they didn't get their Hogwarts letter? It's been eight years since I should've got one – not impressed.

Well fear not, as something just as good is coming to Brookes. That's right, this weekend you could see some muggles pretend to be HP himself and play Quidditch.

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This Saturday and Sunday between 8am and 6.30pm, put on your Hogwarts house scarf (or your Brookes merch) and head to Harcourt Hill to see 16 teams compete in this nerdy (but proud) tournament.

It's free, meaning you can avoid your deadlines without spending money (win) or you can watch it online.

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Come and support Oxford Mammoths and Oxford Radcliffe Chimeras as they try and catch the Golden Snitch, beat the Bludgers and score with the Quaffle. It's all to play for.

Photo Credit: Oxford Universities Quidditch Club page