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The Colonnade on Headington Campus is closing to become a Co-Op

Starbucks, Blackwell’s and Santander will be closed by January 2020

The Colonnade, Starbucks, Blackwell's and Santander are closing down to be renovated into a Co-Op store.

An email from Brookes Communications was sent to all students this morning with the announcement.

The email highlighted that the reason for closure was because there have been more students using the Blackwell's online store and the Blackwell's store on Broad Street that Oxford Brookes have chosen not to renew the lease on their store.

They also confirmed that the Starbucks will be closing too but Starbucks coffee will continue to be sold at Cafe Central in the Forum at Headington Campus, with the University looking to explore other chances to "enhance" coffee offers to staff, students and visitors.

Books at the Blackwell's store on Broad Street will still have Student Price Match Offers for books on reading lists for courses and continue to work with lecturers to stock books from course reading lists. Blackwell's and Starbucks' last day of trade will be Saturday 16th November.

The email also confirmed that the Santander branch at the Colonnade will be closing on Thursday 30th January 2020, allowing the University to extend and renovate the Colonnade Store.

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The University are "pleased to confirm that it will re-open as a Co-Op store in March 2020 with an increased product range, improved layout, cash machine and the introduction of some self-service tills for quicker service."

There is going to be a pop-up convenience store in Blackwell's until the refurbishment of the new Co-Op is complete.