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Grab your pumpkin spiced latte: Here are the best dressed Brookes students from Halloween 2019

Warning: content some viewers might find spooky

October you've been great, cosy evenings, scary films, Great British Bake Off final, but spooky season is well and truly over.

So grab your pumpkin spiced latte, here's the best dressed Brookes students from Halloween 2019.

Ben Dellow, Fourth Year, International Relations, Ben Ellison, Rob Buirski, Third Year, Geography and International Relations and Ed Krivinskas, Third Year, Real Estate.

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What a sight

Drew McCormick, Third Year, Law

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Merri Jordan, Izzy Street, Jade Down, Alana Spiers, Eva Cox, Third Year, Primary Education and Emma Cummins, Third Year, Equine Science

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Thea Dyer, Second Year, Business and Psychology, Louise Richards, Second Year, Planning and Property Development and Tegan Jennifer, Second Year, Events Management

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Millie Pyrke and Maddie Hall, Second Year, Criminology

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Alex Salmon and Tom Tash, Fourth Year, City and Regional Planning

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Greg Bright and Adam Jovic, Third Year, Digital Media Production

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These third years are looking like a scooby snack

Beth Jevons, Second Year, Business and Marketing Management

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Eddi Steeple, Third Year, Business and Management

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Vicky White, Accountancy, Lydia Hope, Biology, Aisling Ward, Architecture, Third Year

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The glow ups gone a bit far

Alfie Turner, Psychology, Harry Robertson, Business, Second Year

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Isabelle Amos, Second Year, Geography

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Gina Hardy and Francesca Davies, Third Year, Anthropology

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Rob Hole, Second Year, Quantity Surveying, Lauren Rayner, Third Year, Geography and Alfie Coward, Second Year, Real Estate

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Who you gonna call?

That's it for Brookes' best dressed for Halloween 2019. Check out the Insta to see if you've featured there too!