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Which is the ugliest building at Brookes? Vote now!

Buildings you wish you’d never seen

Oxford Brookes may look like your classy modern English university but beyond the JHB Building, there are some absolute munters – the ones they avoided showing you on that campus tour during Open Day.

But which building is the worst? It's a tough choice so help us out by voting below.

The Tonge Building

This building really is brickwork depression. Hidden round the back of the JHB, Tonge is definitely where dreams go to die. Similar to the unused Clive Booth shared accommodation that always seems dark and empty (seriously does anyone live there?).

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Most would agree, Clerici looks okay from the outside but inside the carpet is questionable, with a classic Brookes move making it green tiled. Despite this, the building is fairly clean looking so not much of a cause for complaint.

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The Fuller Building

Literally looks like it was decorated in the 90s with that grim tiling outside. Not much else to say, not a fan.

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Currently under renovation because it, quite frankly, needs it. Enjoy banging your head on the makeshift entrance and these lovely pictures of practically a building site. Health and safety's finest.

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The first building that came to your head as it truly is as butt-ugly as the guy you took home from Atik last week. That's right, it's Gibbs.

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I mean, seriously?

Richard Hamilton Building

The only good thing about this place is that snack bar outside it. Looks like an abandoned warehouse or hospital. So. Much. White.

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Harcourt Hill

45 fucking minutes on the bus from Headington, it's amazing anyone actually bothers to turn up to their lectures at all. And of course, the buildings resemble literal moul

Overall, we can all agree that some serious renovation is needed at Brookes but hey, at least it's not as old and crusty as actual Oxford.

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Don't have any words to describe this place. It speaks for itself.

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