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‘It blew up’: We interviewed Alex Mann aka Alex from Glasto

Alexa play Thiago Silva

This Wednesday Alex from Glasto made a surprise appearance at Fishies to relive his iconic Thiago Silva performance.

You know, the 16-year-old student who Dave pulled up on stage to perform Thiago Silva and the internet collectively lost it's shit? Yeah, him.

So The Tab Brookes took to the backstage of Fishies on Wednesday to interview Alex and ask him all about Glasto, Dave and having AJ Tracey's number in his phone.

How much has your life changed since Glastonbury?

Well, I mean if you'd asked me like four months ago I'd never think I'd be performing at O2 Academy in Oxford. A lot really. Yeah. It really has changed. I mean, I'm still doing most stuff the same like college and all that but then my hobbies have changed a little bit. Gone from playing football, to performing all round England.

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Are you going to University?

I'm 16. So I'm just seeing where this all takes me really. I've got to see where college takes me at the moment as well, I'm studying Business. Nothing too exciting, but it's just what I want to do really. I don't really know what University, but the thing about doing these performances, a lot of them are uni events, so I get to see the places and experience the nights out. So yeah, I've literally experienced everywhere in England.

Where's the best place you've been so far?

Probably Cardiff. Cardiff was sick. I think Oxford was pretty good, Manchester's pretty good too.

You obviously did Glastonbury, but then what happened?

Literally just messages, on every social media platform I had, like Facebook messenger which I don't even use. Before I used Instagram and Snapchat, I never used Twitter but after Glastonbury it blew up. I just thought it was a sick story to show off in front of my mates, then it blew up. I did not expect it. I thought a few people would see it, as I knew Glastonbury televised, but now it's nearly on 10 million views on YouTube.

The whole crowd was going mad, everyone was asking for photos and saying: "Oh my god that was crazy". I got home at 7 the next day, then I just slept until about 12, so only got about 4 hours sleep to make up for all of the lost sleep at Glastonbury. When I woke up, I checked my Instagram and it was insane. It all hit me when I checked my Twitter DM's and I had a message from Dave, he was like "Shit you killed it". Still today, that's pretty mad. I also had a phone call with AJ Tracey, that was pretty sick.

I had a mate who's good at dealing with social media, so I asked him to keep an eye on my accounts for me and look after things. AJ Tracey had messaged me on Twitter: "Yo, what's your number?". So my mate who was managing it gave AJ Tracey my number and I got a random phone call and I was like: "Who's this?" and he was like: "Yo it's AJ". We can confirm it was AJ Tracey live and direct.

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Was it a coincidence wearing the Thiago Silva t-shirt? Or did you wear it on purpose?

It was a bit of a coincidence because I was local to Glastonbury, I took most of my clothes home on the Saturday and I left two t-shirts at the festival and that was one of them.

I knew Dave had brought people up in the past, as I'd seen him in Bristol O2 and he'd done it then. But as it was a huge scale festival, I didn't think he'd be doing it there. Especially as AJ Tracey was there the night before, I thought he was just going to bring him onto stage.

Whilst we were waiting for Dave to come on, my mates were all discussing whether they thought Dave would bring someone up for Thiago Silva because it's Glastonbury. I was one of the most adamant ones to be like: "Nah he won't do it".

One of my mates had said earlier in the day I could go on his shoulders at some point for Dave's performance, and as soon as Dave was looking for someone in the crowd to do it, I was like: "Mate I'm going to have to take you up on that offer" and got straight on his shoulders and then Dave picked me straight away.