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Clubbers of the Week: Week Two

Y’all are nasty

Hey, wassup, hello, welcome to week two's clubbers. Sorry it's a tad late, we were busy searching for good content, you've yet again proven disappointing.

It's okay though, we reckon week three will completely break you all and there will be plenty of outrageousness to go around.

When his banter is shit but you're broke and need the free drinks

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"Try to look like you're having fun"

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"Now, Son, let me tell you a little something about being a legend"

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When your mum asks what you're planning to do after uni

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Put your hands in the air if you have no idea what's going on 99.9 per cent of the time

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"Bro, tell me when she looks away so I can stop tensing"

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When he comes back from the bar without a VK for you

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When your mate won't let you leave to get Posh Nosh so you have to improvise

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