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Brookes urged to review their ‘conditional unconditional’ offers

They’ve been accused of pressure-selling places

Oxford Brookes is one of 24 institutions urged to review their conditional unconditional offers, due to a recent peak in their admissions.

A "conditional unconditional" offer is an offer given to prospective students which guarantees students a place at their chosen university, regardless of their A-Level results, however that university must be their first choice.

In 2018, 34.4 per cent of 18-year-olds from England, Northern Ireland and Wales received a form of an unconditional offer, in comparison to 2013, where only 1.1 per cent received a form of an unconditional offer.

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A second year student who was offered a "conditional unconditional" offer, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The Brookes Tab: "Getting a unconditional, but having the additional requirements of having to put Brookes as my first choice, made it feel tainted in a way.

"It didn't feel like a real unconditional offer, it also felt as though Brookes notoriety had decreased, as if they didn't have enough students applying and were desperate to secure you."

Emily Louise Gray, a third year English Literature student, told us: "I didn't feel pressured when I was offered a conditional unconditional offer.

"I was relieved, as it meant I didn't have to work as hard in A-Levels. Brookes was my second choice until I got the unconditional offer."

Tyler Seeley is in her final year studying English Literature, and told The Brookes Tab: "I loved Brookes and I was going through a rough time in my life, so it helped relieve the amount of work I would've needed to do.

"I do believe that my grades did suffer, but at least I had a place at university."

A Brookes spokesperson told the Oxford Mail: "We introduced unconditional offers following a review of our admissions process and entry requirements, as we strongly believed that students would benefit from greater certainty on their academic future, allowing them to focus on their studies and plan with confidence for university.

"We are continuing to keep our use of unconditional offers under review and will respond to the secretary of state in due course."

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