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These 12 Brookes clubbers are better than Theresa May’s Brexit deal

Who’s already spent their student loan?

The maintenance loan has FINALLY arrived, and we can now afford to eat food that doesn't come in a can. However, we all know that flatmates are not to be trusted so Brooke's students have resorted to taking their favourite snacks (and household pets?!) with them.

The mystery continues: How has security not noticed?

Wait is that Darla from Finding Nemo?

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We actually interviewed this guy! Read it here

If you think your friendship group doesn't have a token weirdo then I have bad news for you

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It speaks volumes that we can't tell if these are cookies or chicken burgers…

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"If you were a fruit you'd be a fine-apple"

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We almost fell for the disguise but no one smiles this much in Emporium

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When you're sick but can't resist the sesh

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You can't sit with us

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Not who he thought he'd be riding tbh

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Shout out to the group liability

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My two personalities on a night out

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