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If Varsity were down to clubbers of the week, Brookes would win hands down

Eggs everywhere

Week nine summed up: deadlines, drinking, sunshine, drinking, Varsity (go Brookes!), drinking. So naturally that means there's a shitload of embarrassing photos.

Stolen it? Brought it herself? There is no acceptable story behind this

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Star-crossed lovers?

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Congrats on getting to first base Alex

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On Wednesdays, we wear pink

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Can only guess they were about to burst into A cappella?

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Did they get sponsored by VK to take this photo?

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A sticky situation

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Feeling like you're in a TRESemmé advert

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Deciding between Posh Nosh or Fake Nosh

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When you watch your friend get with a 5/10

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Did we fall through a portal into 2012?

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Let's be honest even Dipsy looks smashed here

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