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Meet Annie Bullows: Brookes’s Fittest Fresher 2019

She received 57 per cent of the votes

After announcing the fittest fresher for the boys, it's been long awaiting the winner for the girls. Now, we can now reveal that with 57 per cent of the votes, Annie Bullows is Brookes's fittest fresher for 2019.

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Annie is studying Biomedical Sciences at Brookes. Not just a pretty face.

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When asked how Annie is going to celebrate this triumph, she told The Tab Brookes: "To celebrate, I'm having a bubble bath and a glass of red."

Classic Cheney girl.

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In second place, was Georgie who received 438 of the votes. And, finally Molly, who received 200 of the votes. Well done to all of the girls who took part.

Keep an eye on The Tab Brookes Instagram for future competitions.