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Clubbers of the Week: Week Eight

A strange bunch

It's week eight and it's clear to see everyone is coping with deadlines really well. From VK vom to giant ghosts, we really have seen it all.

Here is the strangest of the strange from another seven days of questionable nights out.

What do we think of Cheney?

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Yawning extra loud to show your friends that you wanna go home

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The definition of Brookes not books

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A Fishies baptism

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How not to get laid:

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So this is what betrayal looks like

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This weeks third wheel award goes to:

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Freshers trying to work out how to down a drink

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Shout out to all the tall friends out there

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Is it just me or is this ghost actually floating above people?

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Straight out of a boy bands music video

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Time to get a room

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When the DJ says it's the final song but Mr Brightside hasn't played yet

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A new record for the amount of VK's between two people

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Somebody take her home

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