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Brookes second year loses tooth on night out, now wants it back

Fishies, you are a cruel mistress

A Brookes second year posted on Overheard this morning asking if anyone had seen her front tooth, which had been knocked out on the way back from Fishies.

The post read: "One front tooth. Lost somewhere outside the O2. White and rectangular. Message if found. I find it quite important for eating."

Anthropology student Grace told The Brookes Tab she lost the tooth after she fell headfirst onto the pavement, and had to pay £250 for a temporary denture. She is currently saving up over £2000 for an implant.

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The night started with pres held at her very own house. Watersports and Pole dancing were all there. The theme was toga, and they all drank like gods – starting the night off right.

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The night was going so well

The night progressed and continued in traditional Fish fashion. You would think that once you leave the O2 your less likely to get into trouble, after all its only a quick stumble into Perios then a five minute stagger before you're home. However, those steps appeared too much for Grace and she opted for a piggy-back from one of her friends.

Grace told The Brookes Tab her friend fell while running and launched her forward face first into the pavement. She landed on the right hand side of her face, knocking out her front right tooth and giving her a black eye.

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No, she isn't holding her tooth.

She said: "At first I didn't realise the tooth was missing. I was more worried about my bleeding face."

The following day Grace went to hospital. She went through X-rays to see if she had fractured any bones in her face. She was badly bruised, and the hospital cleaned her cuts. Then she went to an emergency dentist appointment.

The solution for Grace right now is to have a temporary denture for £250. However, this is still a lot cheaper than the £2000-£3000 implant she is now saving up for.

The friend who fell alongside Grace has offered money to help pay out of genuine remorse, but Grace told The Brookes Tab she understands it was an accident and holds nothing against them.

When asked if she would like her tooth back she said: "It would make it cheaper if someone found it and gave it back because it could just be fitted back in, but I don't trust that its anywhere near hygienic by now".

Despite these less than ideal circumstances, Grace is a trooper and has continued to laugh at the situation, saying it will at least "make a good story down the line."

There is hope for Grace though. There's a trauma centre at King's College London where she can potentially get the implant for free. But for now she's accepted her denture-filled fate as "Granny Grace".