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Clubbers of the Week: Week Six

Hotter and messier than ever

After a break, you'll all be thrilled to know Clubbers of the Week is back. And all we can say is you lot are weirder than ever, and we love it.

So here are our heroes of this very messy week.

This is the reason girls buy guys Lynx sets as presents

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Not exactly what tit-tape is for but it's a look

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Asking your friends if your tongues changed colour yet every five minutes

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Friends vs. best friends

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Trying to get a nice photo with your guy mates like:

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Taking your lecturers to Fishies is the only way to prove it's a good enough reason to skip your Thursday 9am

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When you go straight from your gap yah to Atik

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The happiest guy in Fishies has been found:

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Your ex sliding into your DMs after you post a sexy pic

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Regretting giving up VK for Lent

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When your friends support you for the hoe you are

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Guys in MNB:

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Remember that iconic Kent Under 18's club night photo?

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If you know you know x

We've all been here before

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One way to stop you drunk texting literally everyone in your contacts

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Oxford students reactions when you tell them you're from Brookes

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