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Check out these five Oxford cafes that will elevate your Insta aesthetic

Get your sepia filter out

Oxford is known for the sheer number of places to go out for food or drinks, and some of those places have an atmosphere perfect for a quick coffee and a nice photo. Here's five of the nicest:

Barefoot Cafe (Walton Street)

Located in Jericho, this tiny cafe is perfect for hot chocolate and cake on any day, with every type you can think of from chocolate to vegan.

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Every table is decked out with daffodils, the wallpaper is yellow and every space they could fill with flowers and trees, they did, which makes for a very happy atmosphere.

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The Ole & Steen (Westgate)

The Danish bakery is found at the back of Westgate and is a great choice if you want to work somewhere that is definitely not a library, and where the plug sockets will actually work.

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Plenty of window seats with a nice view, delicious pastries and very aesthetic coffees, it's a little more pricey than others but definitely a chill and quiet atmosphere.

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The Art Cafe (New Road)

A classic: The Art Cafe is based just in front of Westgate, the big yellow corner. They do easy food like jacket potato or pasta, although, finding a table can be quite hard, it's very small with as many mismatched tables as they could fit.

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The name makes is obvious but the walls are covered with art work, all for sale, which makes for a good conversation starter over a coffee.

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The High Street Cafe

This is probably the best place for food on the list as they provide a wide range from basic lunch sandwiches to sweet crepes, as well as milkshakes, smoothies, hot drinks and more.

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Being along the high street also means, if you grab a window seat, there's a nice view of the oxford colleges. It is a great option if you're in a group and no one can agree on food.

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Vaults & Garden (Radcliffe Square)

Lastly, this one is slightly tucked away in front of the Radcliffe library and due to being within the church the inside is very aesthetically pleasing, being quite simple and clean.

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It has a lovely atmosphere for a coffee and a chat, especially if you like a little work of art on your drinks.

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