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Why you need to get yourself a long distance relationship ASAP

LDRs have been the underrated champ all along

There's always someone emotionally available for you

You'll appreciate each other a lot more so no matter how shitty your day has been you’ll always have that late night FaceTime call with your partner to cheer you up and keep you motivated throughout the day.

Having your own personal cheerleader from afar seems somehow much more relevant than your bestie’s words of encouragement. Seriously, coming home after yet another mental break down over the latest essay and just seeing your boyf's/girlf's face for an hour is so nice. Even if it is on a screen with a mute button.

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You can 'become yourself' more than you would in a normal relationship

Living apart gives you much more room to grow, you’re more likely to grow together than grow apart. We love those clichés. Being apart from your bae might push you to join that society you know he would have judged if he was here or mean you get eat at that restaurant he hates. Nando's? Overrated? Sure. Having your own independence lets you live your absolute best life and we’re all about that.

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You actually have your own sense of identity

You don’t get sucked into that black hole of all your friends being his/her friends, you're forced to get out there and actually have mates you choose yourself and want to be around.

Lord knows we’ve all been that person at some point in our lives when we’ve low key ditched some friends for love, tis sad but true. Don’t be that bitch, just don’t.

You organise your time better

Knowing you have 12 more days until you’re reunited will honestly keep you motivated to do the shit you want to do. Have an essay due in a week? I’ll just do that now and get it out the way. The era of all nighters is over. Keeping busy becomes your ultimate goal so you aren’t sat around missing them all day.

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When you're finally together again your time is so much better than you could have imagined. You’ll both find yourself mega excited to see each other in the flesh and there will be nonstop smiling and touching that can only really be compared to the level of romance we all drool over in The Notebook. They’ll let you be little spoon the entire weekend which, let's be real, is the absolute height of happiness.

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You get to explore your stomping ground without them so when they’re here for a visit you get to show them all the cool spots. What's that? They have a shot named after your uni at a random club down an alley way? Who knew?

That’s assuming the two of you can actually keep your hands off each other long enough to make it outside. You can stop being lazy and eating at the same two restaurants and channel you inner Disney couple, adventure is out there.

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Sex, duh

Last but definitely, definitely not least, the sex is way more intense and just all round better. You're willing to do more things and do them much more often. If you're single and don’t believe me? Just set the distance preference on your Tinder profile to maximum and watch the magic happen. You're welcome.