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Brookes students’ weirdest anonymous confessions

‘I was asked out with a Satanist’

I slept with my best friend I only regret getting caught

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We used to fool around. Yeah, we had boyfriends at the time, but it was just some fun. Making out with her would escalate and we were perfectly fine with that; it became normal for us. I still say I’m not gay. But I also don’t regret it. I only regret my mum walking in on us doing it one time.

I had a threesome with my friends, and I don’t regret it

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There was a group of six of us, we went to dinner then clubbing. When we came out, I walked back with three of my friends (two guys, one girl). I'd already slept with one of the guys by this point, and him and the other guy was staying with me that night anyway. When I asked my friends if they were all coming to mine? My other friend said she was too tired and went home. That's when I knew I'd make a mistake. I don’t regret it, but my philosophy is more that it happened, and I can’t change it. I’m still friends with both of them, actually.

I slept with the Warden and I regret it big time

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So, I was on a night out and I saw a cheeky fella in the corner. One thing leads to another and I’m off back to my halls with him. Nine inches deep later, I find out he’s my halls warden… I have big regrets for that one.

I slept with my dorm mate at Catholic school and I don’t regret it

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Where else to realise your bisexuality than a sexually repressive Catholic School that, because of me and my girlfriend, decided to invite a priest to talk about how it's wrong to be gay… thanks boarding school.

I slept with my boss and I don’t regret it

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Married with kids isn’t always an issue if you keep it secret. In fact, we’ve actually been in a committed relationship for almost two years.

I live with my husband in first year and it's actually sick

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I got married in my gap year, and now we live in a studio flat at uni. I'm still in my first year at uni, and people are a bit taken aback at us being married at this age, but I'm happy.

I had a threesome and I don’t know how to feel about it

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We’re all in bed together, and suddenly I realise just what ‘one thing leads to another’ means. The aftermath was stressful and confusing, it changed everything! Let’s just say I had a complicated and bad relationship with both of them so I don’t regret the experience, but I wish it hadn’t have been them.

I am in love with two people at once and I don’t regret a thing

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I’ve been in a three-way relationship for three years now and we’ve never been happier. So many people say it’s harder to be in a polyamorous relationship but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I've had people not understand why I want two people in my life, but I'm very happy to have both my boyfriend and my girlfriend in my life, and they are too.

I was asked out by a Satanist

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I met this guy from one of my societies who worshipped Satan and casually dabbled in the occult. He'd always wear this shirt with a ram on it, which, after a quick Google search, tells me it's Baphomet, who is a religious symbol for the satanic church. He was also a member of a secret society in Oxford who perform midnight seances near South Park. He invited me to join him one time but I politely declined since I didn't want to be sacrificed to Satan that week.