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Vote for Brookes’s best couple 2019

Love is in the air

In the run up to Valentine’s day, we asked Brookes students to send in their most romantic couple stories in an attempt to find Brookes’s best couples. From cringey chat up lines to cute get-togethers, Brookes certainly has delivered.

Pippa Condliffe and Freddie Turner

Freddie’s best chat up line was calling Pippa a ‘psycho’

Freddie (second year Digital Media Production) and Pippa (second year English Lit and Publishing Media) were one of those couples that was just going to happen. These two got together after Pippa had been on a night out at Atik with her (now ex) boyfriend. She ended up ditching her then boyfriend at Atik and went back to Freddie’s house. Freddie’s room was clean before Pippa had come over and “looked like a bomb had gone off” afterwards. Pippa’s friends then had to come and pick her up to take her back to her boyfriend who had been waiting for her at her house all that time.

Charles Moore and Adam Hockley

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Classy and cute

Charles (third year Real Estate) met Adam (second year Real Estate) through the cocktail society and after getting together in the smoking area at Plush, they realised how much they had in common and the rest is history. They went four months pretending to be just friends when in fact all their friends could see them sneaking around and could even hear them having sex. Not only are these two super cute but they’ve faced many trials and tribulations (including beatings up) and got through them to become even stronger.

Jordan Brown and Harry Vigar

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Rumour has it, they will be spending Valentines day with a table at the Bluebird

After realising the lack of Brookes’s honeys meeting their wild expectations, Jordan (second year Business) and Harry (second year Real Estate) took a chance on each other and haven’t looked back since. These two can be found causing havoc on the rugby pitch, or at any MNB or Fishies night. They are regulars at Victor and even have a cocktail named after them at The Alchemist. How very Brookes.