Five reasons you need to study abroad

If you weren’t already sold by the holiday for a semester part

Ever thought about studying abroad? Dropping everything to study somewhere very far from the dreariness of England? Or just to get some good Insta’s? Here are five reasons as to why you should consider this… If it’s not already evidently obvious.

Say hello to the sun

You can choose literally anywhere! Whether it be South America, Paris or Australia. With fresher halls very different from that of England, you will experience pools enclosed with sun lounges. Never thought you could throw some suncream on and have a nap by the pool in between lectures? Well, you are very wrong.

Make some life-long pals

Don’t want to bore your friends with looking after you on yet another night out? You’ll be sure to meet a bunch of new doctors and therapists abroad. Everyone is sure to want to be friends with the English-exchange student. Pre-warning; if you choose America prepare yourself to have to say “Harry Potter,” followed by, “no, I do not know the Queen” around 100,000 times. 

Goodbye grades

Yes, attendance is necessary, and yes, you do have to complete the assignments, but your grades don’t count (but you have to pass). This of course, allows you to take the pressure off the pedal a bit and have some much needed down time (not that you already had enough in freshers). 

Character building

Studying abroad is what many like to call “character-building.” You are essentially placed at a university thousands of miles from anyone you know, by yourself. You might shed a few tears, contemplate why the f*** you did this, or like me, desperately try to make one friend, even if that is the only other person in the gym (who just wants to carry on listening to their workout playlist and doesn’t care that you might know the Queen). You might feel right out of your comfort zone, but at the end you will be begging to extend your exchange programme to a year. 

Just think about your Instagram

“Just think of your Instagram aesthetic!!!” Are the words of my friends before I left. Wherever you decide to go, your visa will allow you time to travel and explore. Whether that be a day-trip to Bondi beach or a weekend rock-climbing in Yosemite – you’ll have copious amounts of time to explore your new home (and catch some fab Insta pics along the way).