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The five New Year’s resolutions every Brookes student should stick to

New Year’s Resolutions for Brookes students

It's 2019, and realistically we're all still continuing with our self-destructive habits, so how about we cut the shit, and make this year our year eh? Here are five things you can do to start:

1. Actually go to every single lecture

We know that trying to attend a Tuesday morning lecture after MNB is hard, but if we’re paying £9.3k a year, maybe now would be a good time to stop disappointing our parents and actually do some good for ourselves, our future, and our family honor?!

2. Stop it with the god damn Deliveroos!

If you’re like me, and have ordered so many Deliveroos you have begun to calculate all your finances in terms of how many takeaways you can get, maybe it’s time to cut back and try out the good old student bulk cooking…Costco is the probs the best place to begin.

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3. Start walking the 20 minutes to Headington Campus instead of the four minute bus you usually take

With the amount of time you (most likely) spend in the library or at home sloth-ing it up and barely moving, a simple workout every day will do you the world of good for your mind, body and social life! You’ll save the £1.20 per journey too!

4. Stop spending all your money in The Colonnade

Yes, yes, I know classes and the JHB library make you hungry and food makes you happy, but is the guilt and eventual overdraft at the end of every single bloody semester really worth it?

5. Start to ACTUALLY look after yourself

This means cut down the constant binge drinking, because we all do it, and we can all hear our livers crying every time we inhale that familiar Jäger smell.

Just look after yourself and your wellbeing! Practicing mindfulness, exercising more, making sure not all your friends are snakes – that kind of thing!

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Your New Year's resolutions as a Brookes student and an overall person should be focused solely on your self development: discipline, confidence, self-esteem and keeping the promises you make to yourself and to others. You go gals and guys – show the world what you got!