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These are all the things you’ll miss about Brookes during Christmas

I’m having withdrawal symptoms

The first term of the year is now over, the freshers are almost no longer freshers and at least everyone has downed a snakebite from the Sports Bar. Whilst you're all back home, twiddling your thumbs, here's a list of iconic Brookes traditions, to reminisce.

Post night out Perios

Did you even go out in Cowley Road if you didn't end up in Perios after? The queues may be outrageous in the early hours of the morning, but trust us, their mozzarella dippers and chicken nuggets are WORTH the wait.

The overpriced paninis from JHB Forum

If you know, you know. It's not the fact that I want a panini, I need a panini. I am sure that half of my student loan is spent on those paninis.

The meal deals from The Colonnade

These may be just as overpriced as the paninis from JHB. But has anybody actually walked into The Colonnade and NOT walked out with an outrageously priced, meal deal in their hands?

The Deli

How am I supposed to fund my alcohol addiction now?

Being walking distance from your friends

I don't think anyone really appreciates the convenience of having your friends within walking distance. Whether it's five seconds down a corridor in halls or five minutes down the road in houses. You can always rely on your friends to put up with your shit at anytime of the hour.

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Putting minimal effort into a night out

Hair needs a wash before a night out? Think again. It would be a complete waste of time washing your hair before Fishies, unless you're looking for the fresh, VK infused look.

Free buses

Although the U1 may be just as unreliable as your friend who promised they'd make it to the morning lecture, we can't fault a free bus journey to town, even if it means the waiting time for the bus, was the equivalent time of walking into town.