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Meet the fighters in this year’s Gentlemen’s Fight Night

The event sold out in 14 seconds

On Thursday 15th November, Gentlemen's Fight Night is back for another bloody spill at The King's Centre. The night will be filled with suits, dresses, white collar boxing and a lot of sophisticated drinking.

Below you'l find the fighters competing this year. Some of them even had some choice trash talk to offer.

Gabe Irving

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Ben Dickson

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Perceval Bodington

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Freddie Bonthrone

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Henry Carr-Smith

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"I have turned up to most of the training and feel pretty confident about the fight as the training we get is second to none.

"Callum hasn't been to a lot of the training sessions, so I have the upper hand in technique and fitness.

"I think me and Callum are a good match up and we are both in for a good few rounds of boxing and hope it is a good fight to watch. "

Callum Damon

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Charlie Lennox

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Luke Buckland

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Joel Stevens

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Nick Going

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"Personally I don't have a bad word to say about Joel. He is a top bloke and a great opponent.

"We have both worked hard in the training sessions building up to the event. He has the weight advantage but I have the height advantage.

"Of course, you have to back yourself so I think the fight will go in my favour, but it all depends on the night!"

Scott Irwin

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"I haven't done much fighting before, but the word 'win' is literally in my name. "

Jamie Jamieson Black

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Henry Pegley

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"I'm six foot five and 105kgs who do you think is going to win… That's a silly question. "

Jack Edmonstone

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Charlie Hardy

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Tom Verney

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"I think that mine and Hassan's fight will be one of the most exciting on the night, I've got nothing against him but a fights a fight."

Hassan Abbas

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"First round he's gonna gas.

"Second round I'm gonna kick his ass.

"Third round you will hear the winner is Hassan Abbas."

Joe Charles

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