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These were the best Halloween costumes at Brookes this year

Warning: content some viewers may find spooky

We asked Brookes students to send us their best and scariest Halloween costumes and we were not disappointed. Some are sexy, some are scary and some are outright strange. Here's the best dressed of Halloween 2018.

Anna Chambers, third year, Economics and Alice Lucas, third year, Biomedical Science

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Chuggs, Sam, Charlie, Sam, Will and Will, third year, Business Management, Sport Science and Real Estate

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Esme Diment, second year, Physiotherapy, Georgina Kantor, second year, Events Management and Andrea Greaves, second year, Physiotherapy

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Elliot, Danny, Ollie and James, second year, Retail Management , Business and Management, Sport and Exercise Science and Biology

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Chris Wilson and Dillon Howells, third year, Architecture

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Ellie, Sophie, Isabelle, Emmy, Flora, Olivia, Hannah, second year, Business and Marketing Management, English Literature, Psychology, Law, Geography and Biomedical Science

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Paddy Chapman, third year, Computing for Robotics

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Daisy Hooper, third year, Sociology

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Eva, Myles, second year, Film, Accounting and Finance and Juliette, Toby, third year, Events Management, Architecture

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Matt Knight, second year, Sports Coaching and PE

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Danelle So, third year, CMC/Film Studies

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Rachel Lorant, third year, Psychology, Alice Hipkiss, third year, Philosophy, Kathryna Trokhymchuk, third year, Biomedical Science

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James Lambert, third year, Motorsport and Owain Llion, third year, Politics and History

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Katie, Seren, Alex, Shana, Tamara, second year, Business Management and Marketing, Japanese Studies and Philosophy, Sociology, English Literature and Biomedical Science

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