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The Brookes’ SU Vice President of Academic Experience has set up a petition to reinstate the U5X

It has received 338 votes

A petition to reinstate the U5X was raised on the Brookes' Student Union website by SU Vice President, Harry Bower. This was an essential means of transport for students living and studying at Wheatley Campus. We spoke to Harry regarding the outcome of the petition, as it received 338 votes.

Harry said: "Last week I launched a petition calling for the reinstatement of the U5X bus service, connecting Cowley Road, Student Accomodation in the Cowley area and Wheatley Campus."

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"Following the overwhelming response I contacted the Pro Vice-Chancelor of Student and Staff experience who has agreed to meet with me to address the concerns raised."

"I am very thankful to the University for agreeing to meet with me so quickly and I hope a resolution that satisfies our students can be made."

We spoke to students in regards to their thoughts on the petition and how it has effected their travel to and from Wheatley Campus.

Arjun Pala, a third year Digital Media Production student, said: "The travel to Wheatley from Cowley was always bad. Buses were always late and now that it's been cancelled it's putting pressure on the U1."

Alex Rogers, second year, Computer Science student said: "I live on Cowley Road, I moved there because it's close to the town and I could get the U5X to Wheatley in thirty minutes. Because it was cut, it now takes me a twenty five minute walk to uni and then a twenty five minute U1 to Wheatley.

"Completely screws me over, wastes two hours of my day just to get to three hours worth of lectures. It doesn't make sense to me why they would cut the service if there are still people going there; unlike the U1X and U4 which were basically pointless, U5X covered the students that don't live in Headington, which is a lot of people.

"I see so many people driving there because it's too much of a journey for most people."

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Second year Motorsport Technology student, Dan Widdup, also commented: "Travelling to and from Wheatley Campus gets a little tedious at times. In the mornings, busses are often late and very crowded. In my first year at uni I lived in Clive Booth Halls, but after a few weeks I decided to move to Wheatley as it was just easier to get to lectures."

"Now in my second year, it is often to see people coming into lectures late due to buses not arriving on time. This isn't good as it disturbs the lecture when people come in late but they also miss out on the first part of the lecture which can often have important information."

We are now waiting to hear the outcome from the meeting arranged with the Pro Vice-Chancelor. The petition can be found here.